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Flash Programming

"Flash" Programming provides a software update to a vehicle's Engine Control Module (ECM).  Henderson's can now program a remanufactured ECM or reprogram an existing ECM. 



The calibration files of a vehicle’s Engine Control Module (ECM) sometimes need updating, just like the operating system of a home PC. While the systems are designed to run properly when new, component wear and unforeseen design issues can create driveability problems. Corrections and updates are needed even in fairly new vehicles. The vehicle manufactures provide firmware updates for the ECM calibration files on a regular basis. These updates will often repair issues affecting fuel economy, performance, diagnostics, HVAC and speedometer calibration. These required changes can be flash programmed into a vehicle’s ECM to improve both the vehicle performance and your customers’ satisfaction. 


• Reprogram Vehicles to current OE specifications

• Create satisfied customers

• Improve driveability

• Increase gas mileage

• Reduce warranty comebacks

• Improve testing accuracy


Available for Ford, GM & Saturn Vehicles!

To order an ECM calibration with the latest OE software specific to your vehicle call Henderson’s with the following:







 ECM# (OE Part Number on the ECM)


How it works:

Call Henderson's with information for the vehicle. Henderson's will pick up the already removed ECM, return it to our nearest location and reprogram it according to the information that you have provided. After it is reprogrammed, it will be returned to your shop along with an invoice for service. It's that easy!

Ask your Henderson Sales Representative for more information on flash programming and the 21st Century Tune-Up.

Need to know if a vehicle's existing ECM has an update available?  Click the links below to visit the manufacturer's website for update information.





  Blue Streak Electronics





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